LODO is the world's oldest and most selective competition of the best extra virgin olive oils on the planet and LODO GUIDE is an international guide to the world's best extra virgin olive oils.

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Unique international competition with free registration.

LODO stands out as a Qualifying Gourmet Project that highlights excellence.

LODO is dedicated daily to safeguarding, promoting, and representing quality, firmly believing that all producers of premium extra virgin olive oils should have access to this opportunity without any financial obligation.

Extravergini Lodevoli!

Lodoguidestore was born out of a desire to promote and spread the excellence and rarity of products that make the table and life better.


We respect and support every individual, entity, or association in their self-determination, standing by their side to assist in achieving their goals.

The world’s best evoo

The winners of the 2023 Competition, the best extra virgin olive oil in the world

LODO the oldest international professional competition selects the best olive production from around the world, disseminating and promoting the true excellence of extra virgin olive oil at 360°

Olive Oil Competition

An International Contest, an International Jury.


high quality evoo


International Panel


A Lodevole jury for Lodevoli oils.


L’Orciolo d'Oro

L’Orciolo d’Oro

World’s First Olive Oil Competition


First International Artistic Guide for Laudable Extra Virgin Olive Oils

LODO, Upstream since 1991

First International Competition with Free Registration

oliviero toscani lodo volti olio 2022

Il Maestro Oliviero Toscani

I Volti dell'Olio

A prestigious photographic project ‘I VOLTI DELL’OLIO’ (The Faces of Oil), through which Maestro Oliviero Toscani portrayed the faces of the patrons of the companies winning an Award for Lodo Guide 2023.

It’s an important visual project, which will be published in the guide, and will express, through the faces of those involved, their passion, their sacrifice, and their love of the land. Portraying a face is an art, as is the ability to produce and refine a unique and excellent extra virgin olive oil.


«A journey ‘from the soil to the palate»

After thirty years of experience in the world of oil in the famous L’ORCIOLO D’ORO competition,I, Manuela Vigo, together with my husband Vincenzo Federico Petisi, created LODO, an eclectic guide to the world’s best extra virgin olive oils. This guide introduces the reader to the fascinating world of olive oil, showcasing its most distinguished and authentic producers in an innovative way, while always keeping an eye on tradition.

LODO Sweet

Il Maestro Iginio Massari

The creativity of a leading master pastry chef for a signature dessert.
«Food doesn’t just have to taste good; it should be pleasing to the eye, fine and engaging.» Iginio Massari

Talent, passion, dedication and strict professional discipline are just some of the characteristics which have made Iginio Massari the greatest Italian Master Pastry Chef in the world. To him goes the merit of having elevated the Italian pastry-making tradition to its highest expression.

His creations are defined by a unique style rooted in the artisan pastry-making tradition. A style which combines art with science, sensitivity with vast technical knowledge and the mind with the heart. Iginio Massari’s fine pastry-making is the result of great creativity, careful selection of the ingredients and meticulous attention to detail. Tasting his pastries is an experience that involves all the senses.
Iginio Massari lodo sweet
gisella borioli lodo design

Gisella Borioli

Lodo Design

The bottle, the label and the packaging represent a style.

Gisella Borioli

Director responsible for numerous newspapers, author of image and costume books, television programs, artistic and visual projects, she has always combined fashion with design with art, with a 360 ° vision of contemporary creativity. He has directed the Superstudio

Manuela Vigo

Pink Planet Award

«I believe that women deserve special attention and that female entrepreneurship is a symbol of strength and enterprise, which in many cases, unfortunately, needs defence and true acts that recognise its infinite value for the economy, for the world, for mankind.»

Manuela Vigo, co-founder and director of LODO assigns this important recognition that can support and highlight a female company in unfavourable situations.

manuela vigo pink planet award

The Chef's Choice

The haute cuisine and the wisdom of a gourmet palate represented by starred chefs, through a blind tasting, will choose, from a shortlist of 12 oils with a score above 90|100 selected in the 2023/2024 edition, the oil that will win this prestigious award.

the chef choice​

Red Carpet Award

This award was created to promote the best EVOO within prestigious gastronomic contexts. For the best Light & Fruity, Medium and Intense oils according to the LODO Evaluation system. 

The oils selected for this award will be the samples entered in the QGP PRIZE to have obtained the best score.

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red carpet 02
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