Comptoir di lodo

Comptoir di lodo
Upstream Since 1991

Our history in the world of olive cultivation has, up to now, narrated the evolution in the production of undisputedly high-quality extra virgin olive oils, placing and focusing attention on the selection and promotion of the best oils at the international level since 1991.
In 2020, LODO came to life, where respect, territorial and promotional enhancement of realities and products of the highest quality become part of the world of excellence in the raw materials of high-end professional contexts such as haute cuisine, art, photography, and design.
Today, we consider it important and necessary to qualify and redefine the concept of DISTINCTION, but above all, the boundaries of INDEPENDENCE—whether it be of a product, a company, or a choice.

A “space” where professionals, whether they are evoo producers, chefs or innovation stylists, custodians of traditions, and perpetual idealists, can disseminate the expression of their work and their thoughts unconditionally, with absolute respect for ethical, moral principles, and professional standards.

A new space that gathers the poetry, sacrifice, and utmost quality of authorial professional realities.

Inspirational Principles and Values of Belonging


Principle of Independence in the self-determination of one’s own activities.


Freedom and enhancement of artistic expression in all its forms.


Respect for and use of high-quality raw materials in processing or transformation.


Active and constant commitment to the conservation, protection, and promotion of biodiversity.


Ethics and integrity.


Innovative ideas in the agri-food sector.


Boldness, imagination, and originality in governing one’s own guiding principle and company.

By joining the CLUB IL, you will receive:

Proclamation of Laudable Independence

In an era where everything is stylized and endlessly praised, where individuals are morbidly bombarded by continuous conflicting and harmful impulses, we take up a lance made of feathers, leaves, and flowers to create the sound of independence—the Laudable Independence.

We respect and support every person, entity, or association in self-determination, standing by their side to help them achieve their goals.

Laudable Independence from chemical products.

Laudable Independence from the dictates of industrial lines.

Laudable Independence from the standardization of extra virgins.

The Producers IL create Oil that must possess the following characteristics:

  1. Produced by olive growers and olive oil millers engaged in the activity for at least 5 years.
  2. An oil that has received TWO ORCIOLI, scoring 91 or higher out of 100.
  3. Made from certified organic or biodynamic olives.
  4. Derived from healthy olives that have reached the ideal ripeness based on the cultivar, harvested by hand or with the assistance of mechanical aids.
  5. Produced from olives processed within 6 hours of harvesting.
  6. Made from olives kept at a controlled temperature after harvesting.
  7. Professional filtration process.

il • CHEF

IL identifies chefs and related establishments.


  1. Professional experience of at least 5 years.

  2. Use of high-quality raw materials.

  3. LODO’s oil menu.

  4. Use of locally sourced raw materials.

  5. Enhancement and innovation of traditional local recipes.

  6. Highly qualified front-of-house staff.

  7. Sommelier.

  8. Wine list with a dedicated regional section.

  • Support for the realization of your goal.
  • Publication in the guide in the dedicated section IL.
  • Publication on the website in the dedicated section IL.
  • Reserved price for LODO events.
  • The opportunity to embellish the establishment with the IL adhesive/plaque provided by us for free.
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