Our Project

Why, from what it was born.

Communicating quality – LODO arises from the need to propose something new and original that makes the journey into the world of international olive oil excellence exclusive and exciting, a path of technical and professional expression, a cosmos of opportunities and commercial developments, a narrative of emotions.
The central focus is extraordinariness, the first and fundamental element of every targeted action aimed at achieving a single goal: expanding the knowledge of extra virgin olive oil, supporting producing companies, and representing extreme quality.
A concrete proposal that can first be a curated, modern, and exclusive showcase for companies that, in addition to producing quality, want to be part of a unique context, where image and product convey the substance of every business reality, not only to specific audiences and industry professionals (B2B) but also addressing the broader world of private gourmet consumption (B2C).

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Indipendenza Lodevole

Laudable Indipendence

Independence, the launchpad of IL, a new way of perceiving, proposing, protecting, and promoting.
IL, the brand that seals a guarantee of an exclusive selection of premium extra virgins.
IL, the new space that welcomes choices, ideas, and paths where authenticity is Laudable Independence.

The only international contest with free registration

In a world where participation fees in competitions are constantly increasing, we revolutionize the rules.

We believe that talent, dedication, and excellence deserve to be rewarded with an extraordinary opportunity.

We have decided to offer olive companies worldwide the opportunity to register at NO COST.

In a reality that often poses financial obstacles, we want to open the doors to innovation and passion, allowing participation without economic barriers.

No registration fee to support and promote true quality!
per sostenere la vera qualità.

What is

LODO is a QG Qualifying Gourmet Project. Its predominant characteristic lies in the attention to extreme quality and image, making each selected product and activity recognizable and distinctive.


The first and oldest international competition dedicated to the best olive production in the world.


A prestigious photographic project, “I VOLTI DELL’OLIO”, through which a well-known photographer portrays the faces of the owners of companies deserving of recognition.
An important visual proposal, which once published in the guide, will communicate passion, sacrifice and love for the land itself through faces. Portraying a face is art, just as art is the ability to produce and refine a unique and excellent extra virgin olive oil.
Lodo Guide, a floating journey into the world of olive and restaurant excellence, travel and table suggestions, gastronomic pairings, and musical proposals.
Art, author photography, haute cuisine, extreme extra virgins, music, and guided territorial paths to discover elite taste and get to know the best oils in the world and their “masters” in a collection of notes and suggestions to color life with praise.
The exclusive selection of IL oils, restaurants, and chefs, in the sign of authenticity and independence, which make uniqueness of quality, proposal, and choices.
Lodo Guide, a guide of culture and knowledge, of the art of taste and discovery.

progetto lodo guide

LODO presents itself as a rigorous and highly selective professional path, focusing on building a complete context by synthesizing an association of elements into an organic and functional complex. Distinguishing itself from everything proposed to date, it aims to be a point of connection, representation, and commercial reference, where excellence and exclusivity are integral and distinctive.

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LODO supports companies, professions, and professionals in the food & beverage world.
Lodo positions itself as the unique guarantor and communicative means of interaction between producing companies and the B2B and B2C market, through control, selection, and promotion processes. We create channels of cultural and commercial connection through the organization of events for the presentation and dissemination of the culture of the highest quality extra virgin olive oil.
We support companies and entrepreneurs who choose to focus on quality and be independent in their proposals and choices.

Who it addresses?

LODO is aimed at olive companies as a means of direct promotion and representation, at all catering facilities that want to use a high-quality food product, at food & beverage industry professionals (chefs, journalists, gastronomic critics, influencers, bloggers, buyers, etc.) for informational and cultural contexts, trade fairs and promotional events, sector schools and hotel institutes, and all enthusiasts and connoisseurs of quality cuisine.
Lodo proposes to olive companies worldwide to be part of a highly selective context, where only the excellence of global olive cultivation will be presented and promoted in both Italian and international industry and non-industry contexts, providing the certainty of being represented by a professionally recognized entity.

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Guida Internale
ai Migliori Extravergini
del Mondo