Our Project

Why and How was it created?

TO SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT QUALITY OIL – LODO was born from the need to offer something new and original. Something to make the journey into the world of international olive oil excellence exclusive and exciting, a path of technical and professional expression and a vivid and emotional story. A concrete proposal that could be, first and foremost, a curated, modern and exclusive showcase for companies that, in addition to producing quality products, want to be part of a unique community, a place where the image and the product project the actual substance of every company, not only to specific audiences and sector professionals (B2B), but also to the wider world of private gourmet consumption (B2C).

LODOGUIDE is a “guide” to culture and knowledge, a tool for effective commercial development.

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What is LODO?

LODO is a QG “Qualifying Gourmet” project, and its distinctive logo and trademarks will be the sign of quality that will identify each product presented. The LODO GUIDE, in addition to placing a strong emphasis on the regional aspect of the best extra virgin olive oil in all its facets, follows a well-established approach, in which the technical and professional aspects of the product are integrated with the brand image, expressing the emotions that a bottle of oil makes us feel, with the passion of those who produce it. It’s a pathway, a journey, a guide that takes us to the best olive farms in the world and where we meet their “masters”, see their faces, hear about their sacrifices. It’s a journey on which the faces of the producers tell the story of those who produce it, of those whose lives revolve around olive oil, those who have made the production of olive oil a vocation.

Not just a Guidebook

A prestigious photographic project, “I VOLTI DELL’OLIO” (THE FACES OF OIL). A musical project. The art of production, the art of listening. To the basic conception of the creation of a guide, a tool to mark out the journey’s direction and its desired destination, is added a dedicated soundtrack that will accompany you along the journey. Each company will be represented by a dedicated piece of music, reflecting its uniqueness. Every single oil and every leading enterprise will be carefully selected and examined by professional juries. LODO is being offered as a rigorous and highly selective professional pathway, in which the focus is on the construction of a complete package, synthesising all its various elements into an organic and functional whole that, by distinguishing itself from everything proposed to date, will become a focus of connection and representation as well as a commercial benchmark, in which excellence and exclusivity will be an integral and distinctive part.

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The LODO project’s objective is the cultural dissemination and promotion of the regions and the companies that are the undisputed stars of the industry. It sets itself up as the sole guarantor and communication channel between the producers and the world market, through monitoring, selection and marketing. It aims to create cultural and commercial networks through the organisation of events and collaborations for the presentation and promotion of the culture of olive oil both nationally and internationally. It is a journey through the best olive production regions in the world, to spread the word about extra virgin olive oil.

Who is it intended for?

LODO is aimed at olive oil producing companies as a means of direct promotion and representation, to all catering establishments that want to use a food product of the highest quality, and to professionals in the food & beverage sector (chefs, journalists, food critics, influencers, bloggers, buyers, etc.) for informative and cultural events, trade fairs and promotional events, to schools and hotels in the sector establishments, and to all lovers and connoisseurs of quality cuisine.  LODO invites olive oil businesses from all over the world to become part of a highly selective group, in which only the excellence of world olive growing will be presented and promoted, within the sector and beyond, in Italy and internationally. It offers the security of being represented by a professionally recognised entity, LODO S.r.l, and the opportunity of being promoted in strategic commercial channels at a national and international level.

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Guida Internale
ai Migliori Extravergini
del Mondo