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Paola Fioravanti

Lecturer since 1973 in Chemistry, Agro-Food Industries and Food Science in the upper secondary school and held the role of Head of the laboratory of agricultural chemistry, the Winery and the oil mill in the company of Itas “G. Garibaldi of Rome.
Since 1985 she has been President of the Evaluation Committee of DOC and DOCG wines and in 2008 she passed to the National Review Committee of DOP WINES.
President of UMAO (Unione Mediterranea Assaggiatori Olio) and member of the Evaluation Committee of EVO SABINA DOP oil at the Chamber of Commerce of Rome.
As a sensory analyst she has extensive international experience in the formation of panel groups for the tasting of virgin olive oils and is called to make blended olive oils to obtain products with certain peculiarities, both in Italy and abroad.
She is a speaker at national and international conferences on the chemical and organoleptic characteristics of oils and on extraction technologies.

Marcello Scoccia

Marcello Scoccia since 1985 selector of extra virgin oils and master blender at world leading companies in the olive oil sector. Buyer in the olive oil sector
Expert in international markets, speaker in courses, conferences, university masters on sensory analysis and olive oil in general.
Authors of publications on the tasting of olive oils and on the olive oil market, authors of books such as “Pure olive juice oil” NEW TECHNIQUES – “Tasting of olive oil” SAGEP
He also holds the position of HEAD PANEL – VICE PRESIDENT – SCHOOL MANAGER for ONAOO

Giulio Scatolini

Oil maker and professional oil taster since 1993. Having dealt with sensory analysis of oils since 1987, he perfected Panel Leder experience with the course organized by the International Olive Council (COI) in 1995.

In 1997, the Aprol Perugia panel he chaired became the first panel of the Association of olive producers in the world to receive recognition from the IOC.

Giulio Scatolini periodically participates in the meetings of panel leaders in Madrid on issues concerning the evolution of the official organoleptic method.

In 2007 he obtained recognition from MIPAF as panel leader of the Unaprol tasting group, the National Union of Italian olive producers, at his prestigious headquarters in Rome.
From 2014 to 2017 he was also panel leader at the Latina Chamber of Commerce.
In May 2014, as director, he conducted a training course for panel heads reserved exclusively for officials of the ICQRF of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.
Giulio Scatolini is considered, due to his skills and experience, one of the best “international noses” of oil, having been called to preside over all the most important national and foreign competitions.
Since the birth of the Gambero Rosso Oil Guide (2011) he is the external chief consultant who coordinates the territorial juries and the final jury of Rome at the magazine’s headquarters.
He was also appointed, on April 30, 2012, by Federdop, the National Federation of Consortia for the protection of extra virgin olive oils, “Ambassador of Italian DOP oils in the world”.
Giulio Scatolini has led, for Mipaf, national and international organizations and institutions, training courses, performances and tastings aimed at enhancing quality Italian extra virgin olive oil, in various parts of the world: Amsterdam, Boston, Brussels, Chicago, Copenhagen, Los Angeles, Istanbul, Miami, New York, Jean, Madrid, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Santiago de Chile, Tirana, Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai etc.
Since 2005 he has been, for ISMEA, technical surveyor, for various Italian squares, of the weekly prices of olive oil.

He’s a lecturer at the University of Flavors of Perugia since its inception.
From April 2019 to March 2021 he was regional coordinator for Aprol Umbria in the Unaprol project concerning Reg. (EU) no. 1298/2013.
In recent periods he has dedicated himself to in-depth studies on perfumes and their influence in the perception of sensorial quality in both food and non-food.


Vitello Euplio

Panel Leader – Sicilian Junior Agronomist of Catania has been involved in olive growing since 1995 he actively collaborates in the planning of olive growing activities in the Sicily Region.

He has been Panel Head since October 2003 at ONAOO, achieved in October 2003 in Rome at the “Guglielmo Tagliacarne Institute,” covering this role in the Panel of the Regional Councilorship of Agricultural and Food Resources Sicily Region – Etna District both in Panel of the Catania Chamber of Commerce from 2011 to 2022.

Still in this role, but also in the role of Auditor, he is responsible for the IGP Sicily extra virgin olive oil certification on behalf of the Regional Institute of Vine and Oil, as well as the certification of the production of Sicilian wines with the IGP – DOC – DOCG brand.
He participated in the “2rd international course for panel leaders on the sensory analysis oftable olives” COI in June 2014 in Madrid at the International Olive Council and obtained the certificate of Panel Head on “Table olives.

Since 2003 he has taken part in many juries of national and international competitions, both in the olive sector and in that of table olives.
He has participated in numerous taster training courses in the last twenty years as a teacher and panel leader.

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