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Organizzazione Nazionale Assaggiatori Olio di Oliva

First School in the World for the dissemination of olive oil tasting, in line with the principles and programs of the founding fathers.

Over 15,000 people participated in the organized activities.

The members, heart and engine of ONAOO, scattered throughout the planet, constitute a constant exchange of creative energies that have allowed continuous growth over the years. The numerous courses are interspersed with moments of cultural exchange, such as trips to Spain, Greece, Morocco, Tunisia, Portugal and California.

Since its foundation in 1983, ONAOO has always chosen to inform its teaching by drawing on the most up-to-date scientific knowledge. This attitude has been extended to all the training areas that the ONAOO Tasting School offers its student

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The Olive Oil Workshop
Alexis Kerner - Expert olive oil taster

Alexis Kerner, born in Philadelphia (USA), is an expert olive oil taster who has resided in Seville, Spain for more than 20 years. She received her undergrad in Environmental Science from Connecticut College and her title as Expert Olive Oil Taster from the International Olive Council and the University of Jaen in Spain.

Alexis serves on many international olive oil competition juries and has been recognized as a member of the Associate Savante Registry that demonstrates tasting skill. In 2014, she founded The Olive Oil Workshop, a company that strives to educate buyers at all levels as well as producers of virgin olive oils in order to empower consumers, promote good olive oil, and support companies in a difficult market.

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Mediterranean Union of Oil Tasters

The President Paola Fioravanti graduated in Chemistry at the “La Sapienza” University in Roma. She has been teaching Chemistry, Agro-food Industries and Nutrition Scienze since 1973 in the high school. She has been the President of DOC and DOCG Wines Evaluation Committee since 1985 and she has also obtained a role in the National DOP Wines Review Committee. She is the President of UMAO (Mediterranean Oil Tasters Union) and a member of the EVO SABINA DOP Oil Evaluation Committee at CCIAA in Roma.

She has lots of international experience in training extra virgin olive oil panel members and she is often asked to blended taste extra virgin olive oils. She is also a speaker in numerous both national and international conferences about chemical and organoleptic characteristics of olive oil. 
U.M.A.O. (Mediterranean Union of Oil Tasters) knows all this very well and works to bring this fabulous product to even those who do not directly carry out an activity related to olive or oil. The association has been active for 25 years now, and to achieve its objectives it uses both preparatory, beginner, and professional, more articulated tasting courses, guided visits to some of the most efficient oil mills, consultancy to companies and many other initiatives. The lively interest aroused over the years for this world rich in history and gastronomic culture has pushed and pushes the UMAO to continue on this path, sometimes not without skepticism and indifference, but always stimulating and engaging, with enthusiasm and with new ideas, starting with the realization from 2014 of “MONNA OLIVA” First National Competition on Table Olives.


  • Expertise and training of oil and agri-food product tasters;
  • Establishment of a panel for sensory analysis;
  • Promotion and organization of Exhibitions, Competitions and Conferences for the dissemination of knowledge and gastronomic culture;
  • Collaboration with public and private entities;
  • International openings;
  • Exchanges between Producing and Consumer Countries.


The olive tree is undoubtedly the highest expression of Mediterranean civilization. Since ancient times, this noble millenary plant with a hollowed out and twisted trunk with silver-green foliage has been a symbol of peace prosperity and hope. For the goodness of its fruit, the olive, and the oil that derives from it, it is considered, with good reason, the main food of our table: the protagonist of that “Mediterranean diet” intangible heritage of humanity, hoped for by dieticians and nutritionists, ideal for preventing some diseases related to an often too hasty and inattentive diet.

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