Pink Planet Award

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An award presented to a company run by women, that has demonstrated its ability to do its job with courage and tenacity in a business environment that is not always favourable.

Manuela Vigo  will award this important and symbolic prize from a selection of 5 “pink” companies.

manuela vigo pink planet award

Manuela Vigo

Manuela Ersilia Livia Vigo, Milanese by birth, citizen of the world by passion, as well as for music and vinyl collecting, which today, together with her husband, has led her to own one of the largest and most important collections of rare records in the world. She studies English and Afro-American culture in New York and political science in Milan, the city she loves and which represents her. Her passion for  oil blossomed on the family farm where she spent most of her time since she was a child, discovering every day the colours, shapes and scents that fill with emotions the air you breathe when you are among the olive trees. Ancient plants, a symbol of the strength of values and traditions, like what the family has always been teaching.

She has always been by her mother Marta Cartoceti’s side, and has had the good luck and the opportunity to be part of the L’ORCIOLO D’ORO from the very beginning, which allows her, over the years, through her long-standing family organisation, to get to know a large number of producers, tasters and experts in the sector, from whom she has learned techniques and built up close relationships. First and foremost, with Professor Giuseppe Fontanazza, thanks to whom she discovered the techniques that transform the   olive   oil into something deeply unique.

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