The Chef’s Choice

The haute cuisine and the wisdom of a gourmet palate represented by multi-starred chefs, through a blind tasting, will choose, from a shortlist of 12 oils with a score above 90/100 selected in the 2022/2023 edition, the oil that will win this prestigious award.

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The oils selected for this award will be the samples entered in the QGP PRIZE.

Chicco Bobo Cerea Lodo chef choice

Enrico Cerea

Enrico Cerea, Chicco to his friends and admirers

A ‘son of the art’, he has been a curious and fervent follower of his father’s business since childhood, in the ‘da Vittorio’ restaurant in Bergamo and then in Brusaporto (new location since 26/08/2005) where the entire Cerea family  – parents Vittorio and Bruna and other children Francesco, Barbara, Roberto and Rossella – is at the service of lovers of good food.

Even though he is very young, he already works with an educated and refined mastery of his means, strong in professionalism. Under his father’s expert guidance he quickly matured in his craft and now assists Vittorio in running the restaurant.

Passionate and enthusiastic, for years he has  spent his holidays and free time touring the restaurants of Europe and the United States. An attentive investigator of the work of others, at all levels, but particularly of the activity and genius of the ‘masters’ of his profession (Jacques Cagna in Paris; Roger Verger on the Côte d’Azur; Maccioni di Le Cinque in New York; Heinz Winkler in Munich; El Bulli in Rosas; Jean George Vongherichten in New York), he has distilled their wisdom and grasped their ‘secrets’.

But Chicco’s true, almost secret, passion has always been desserts.

The subject of exhilarating elaborations and hidden fury, dessert has always been an intimate, timely and stimulating commitment for him. And the 36 dessert recipes that are the subject of his book ‘Peccati di Gola’ (Sins of Flavour) are a sweet example of this passionate research.

Roberto Cerea

Roberto Cerea, Bobo to his friends.

A ‘son of the art’, he has followed in his father’s footsteps since childhood, in the ‘da Vittorio’ restaurant in Bergamo, where the entire Cerea family – parents Vittorio and Bruna and other children Francesco, Barbara, Roberto and Rossella – is at the service of lovers of good food.

Although very young, he is already working with passion and professionalism under his father’s expert guidance, quickly learning the techniques and the foundations of high-quality cooking.

He attended courses at the Richemont school in Lucerne and at the Ecole Lenotre in Paris.

He did an internship at the Troisgros restaurant in Roane and at Roger Verger on the French Riviera.

He participated in the Italian cuisine festival at the Hotel Madarin Oriental in Bangkok.

But Bobo’s true passion are first courses, which have always been the subject of tantalising variations of flavours.

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