Winners of the Competition I Volti dell’Olio 2023

LODO the oldest international professional competition selects the best olive production from around the world, disseminating and promoting the true excellence of extra virgin olive oil at 360°
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A year of work to discover the best extra virgin olive oils in the world

LODO is a Qualifyng Gourmet Project which takes care of and collects the evaluations of panels of international professional tasters and which selectively recognizes and rewards the best oils and the best companies from all over the world.

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Awards and Acknowledgments

L’Orciolo d’Oro

It is the highest prize assigned to the winners of the “Volti dell ’Olio” merit awards. Sensational oils with unique tastes and fragrances. Harmony, structure and balance. Unreservedly praiseworthy! Oils awarded the highest scores in the final round with 99/100!

The supreme achievement in olive growing.
“Earth evokes experience, Water is a sensation, Fire is discovery, Air as an emotion – the Orciolo d’Oro recognises extra-virgin excellence as the fifth element, an exclusive space for a symbol of absolute uniqueness”

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I Volti dell'Olio

A prestigious photographic project, through which the photographer Oliviero Toscani has portrayed the face of the patrons of the companies that have won an Award.
Except the photos of the Companies: Almazaras De La Subbetica and Puertas de Guarilihue

The protagonists of “ I VOLTI DELL’OLIO” are the Winners of the LODO GUIDE 2023 edition, who were awarded a Orciolo d’Oro.

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