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Italy’s L’ORCIOLO D’ORO is the world’s leading and longest-running professional competition for Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It originated in the second half of the 1980s based on an idea of my mother Marta Cartoceti.  For the occasion, she brought together a small group of enthusiasts, producers, restaurateurs and oenologists who served as a self-styled “amateur” jury. The project grew steadily and held its first event in 1991 with a jury made up exclusively of professional tasters who were members of the various taster associations and registered in the Registers or Lists of certified tasters, in accordance with the regulations in force at the time. The event very quickly became professionally recognised throughout the word of olive production. Since the first official event in 1991, L’ORCIOLO D’ORO has become an important and innovative point of reference for many olive farmers, who see competition as a stimulus for research and development, as well as a source of information to help them improve the quality of the oil itself and, consequently, the oil processing methods used. From the beginning L’ORCIOLO D’ORO paid particular attention to ensuring the transparency of every single operation carried out. The jury is always made up of professionals led by recognised panel leaders, distinguishing itself from other events early on, and the event became a model and inspiration for other competitions to follow, in Italy and around the world. After thirty years of experience in the world of oil in the famous L’ORCIOLO D’ORO competition, created by my mother Marta Cartoceti’s, I, Manuela Vigo, together with my husband Vincenzo Federico Petisi, created LODO, an eclectic guide to the world’s best extra virgin olive oils. This guide introduces the reader to the fascinating world of olive oil, showcasing its most distinguished and authentic producers in an innovative way, while always keeping an eye on tradition. LODO is a guide unlike any other: the evaluations it contains are supplemented by reviews with short descriptions of the companies, places, aromas, flavours, and people involved.

“We are firmly convinced that an oil is the result of an amalgam of places, history, personalities and emotions that cannot be represented by just a score but has a story that must be told”.

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